Vlora "Lola" Rexhepi

Lola Tong co-founder and CEO

As "Lola" of Lola Tong, my name is Vlora and I have been captivated by fashion, dance, politics, and more since 1988.

My diverse background and travel inspirations give me the opportunity to share my unique experiences and perspectives with friends and colleagues from around the globe, as well as gain insight into the cultural highlights of different regions.

My love for fashion began with my mother, who instilled in me a passion for old Hollywood, 80's and 90's fashion, the early shows of Gianni Versace, and the unique styles of musicians such as Janet Jackson, Madonna, Aaliyah, Britney, and others. These artists fueled my desire to not only dance, but to experiment with fashion, collect fashion magazines and posters, and wear high heels and sneakers on stage, at castings, and in my personal life. In 2003, I also completed an internship in fashion design, which gave me a deeper understanding of the fashion industry. Throughout my school years, university, and in the business world, it was clear that I had a passion for fashion and my own unique style. To me, fashion and show business go hand in hand, which led me to study economics with a focus on event management and marketing. As I delved deeper into the industry, I realized the negative impact of endless consumerism and the waste and unfair conditions in the fashion industry.

After graduating with a Master of Science in Business Administration in Lucerne, Switzerland, I gained knowledge in business development, sustainability management, fashion, and event management. These experiences, combined with my love for fashion and desire to promote conscious fashion, led me to start my own brand and collaborate with talented individuals in the fashion industry who are committed to the movement for sustainable fashion.

Dennis Tong

Lola Tong co-founder and COO

Hi, I’m Dennis. I am the "Tong" to the Lola.

As a professional in the field of economics, I have a passion for collecting and analyzing data, managing resources, and developing businesses.

But, I also have a strong sense of sustainability and strive to find a balance between the environment, social awareness, and economy in my personal and professional life.

As a vegan since 2015, I believe in limiting the amount of meat consumed and strive for more ethical treatment of animals within the food production industry. This led me to start blogging and eventually instagramming about vegan food under the handle @veganworldtraveller.

When I heard about Lola’s concept for a sustainable and conscious fashion brand, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. At Lola Tong, we strive to give a face to everyone involved in the production process, embrace sustainable materials, and take a slow and thoughtful approach to fashion. While we understand that we are not perfect, we believe in taking conscious steps towards progress.