"My favourite flower is the Rose, which represents my brand. I consider the Rose elegant, romantic, light and a natural beauty. These are the characteristics that I want to transmit in my design."


Meet Tamara Almeida, a talented Fashion Designer whose passion for fashion led her to create exquisite handbags that are not only luxurious but also sustainable. Born and educated in a charming Swiss town, Tamara's journey in the fashion world began in Milan, where she studied Fashion Design at the prestigious university. After gaining valuable experience as a Fashion Designer and Saleswoman in Milan, Tamara embarked on her entrepreneurial path, starting her own brand.

Tamara's brand is a testament to her dedication to creating practical, sustainable, and unique bags, tailored for travel-addicted women. Her inspiration lies in the elegance and natural beauty of roses, which perfectly encapsulates the essence of her designs. In October 2023, Tamara's dream came true when she was featured in the British Vogue's October issue, a significant milestone that showcased her beloved handbags to the world.
Tamara's collaboration with Lola Tong, an emerging fashion brand, was a natural fit. Both brands shared core values of sustainability and a commitment to creating high-quality garments in a holistic and fair manner. Together with Lola Tong's founders, Vlora and Dennis, Tamara embarked on a creative adventure across Europe, searching for inspiration, colors, and sustainable materials.

Driven by her concerns for the future of our planet, Tamara meticulously sourced a wonderful silk to craft Lola Tong's charming and delicate pieces. Every detail was carefully chosen, reflecting Tamara's vision of elegant, romantic, light, and natural designs. Her goal was clear: to make a difference in the world without compromising the beauty of fashion.

Tamara Almeida's collaboration with Lola Tong is a testament to her talent, humility, and commitment to sustainable fashion. Her creations not only adorn the pages of prestigious magazines like Vogue but also contribute to a positive change in the fashion industry. With her dedication and unique approach to design, Tamara continues to inspire fashion enthusiasts and environmentally conscious individuals alike.