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Lola Tong

The Nude Silk Scarf / Headscarf Kāne

The Nude Silk Scarf / Headscarf Kāne

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Experience Elegance and Sustainability with Our Silk Scarf Kāne

Introducing our exquisite silk scarf, a true embodiment of slow fashion elegance. This remarkable piece draws inspiration from the beauty of nature. It is named after the Hawaiian god of forests and trees. Crafted from 93% Silk and 7% Elastane, this nude silk scarf shimmers with colors that evoke the beauty of wood in all its shades.

Key Features

Nature's Embrace The scarf's shapes and silhouettes are reminiscent of tree branches and trunks, creating a unique connection to the natural world.

A Name of Creation Our silk scarf, like the Hawaiian god Kāne, signifies 'creation.' It's a masterpiece that empowers you to craft magical looks and styles.

Made in Italy Each silk scarf is preciously produced in Italy, a country renowned for its commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

Change your fashion game with our silk scarf, an accessory that not only enhances your look but also embraces the principles of slow fashion.

Artist / Designer

Tamara Almeida x Lola Tong


  • 93% Silk
  • 7% Elastane


  • Nude


  • 90x90cm


  • while this garment itself is not certified, the fabrics used in its production are sourced from Ratti S.P.A., a company that places a high value on sustainability and holds multiple certifications. Please have a look here:

Care Instructions

we recommend taking the scarf to the dry cleaner (PCE only). You can iron the scarf but only with lowest temperature. We do NOT recommend washing, bleaching or tumble drying the scarf.

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