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Lola Tong

The Mulitcolor Flower Necklace

The Mulitcolor Flower Necklace

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Indulge in timeless elegance with our Multicolor Flower Necklace, a crowning jewel in "The Last I See" collection.

The necklace is an embodiment of artistry and sustainability and made to order. Taking 3 days for production and an additional 2-3 days for secure shipment, this process underscores our commitment to reducing waste and crafting each piece with care and purpose.

 This exquisite necklace features four vibrant flowers, each a testament to our unique design ethos. At the heart of every blossom lies a captivating eye, an art piece in itself. The vivid green stems add a touch of nature's brilliance, completing the ensemble.

 This necklace isn't merely an accessory; it's a statement of sophistication. It effortlessly complements special occasions, adds flair to business attire, and adds a touch of allure to a night-out ensemble. For an extraordinary pairing, consider wearing it alongside our Pink Flower Earrings, creating a harmonious blend of art and style.

This is sustainable fashion without compromising on beauty. Make a lasting impression!

Artist / Designer

Vlerë x Lola Tong



  • Multicolor



  • made to order

Care Instructions

Avoid sunlight and extreme temperatures. Handle gently, store in a box to prevent tangling. Enjoy your jewelry for years!

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