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Lola Tong

The Purple Vest and Skirt Set in Cashmere Wool

The Purple Vest and Skirt Set in Cashmere Wool

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Corporate Chic with Lola Tong - The Purple Vest and Skirt Set in Cashmere Wool

This sleek vest and skirt set, made from 90% Wool and 10% Cashmere, exudes elegance and confidence. Derived from surplus fabrics leftover during the production of our coat 'Eliza,' it is our commitment to sustainable fashion.

Key Features

Sustainable Chic We're avoiding deadstock by repurposing excess materials to craft The Purple Set, your ultimate co-ord for conquering daily business challenges.

The Secret Garden Collection This Set is a proud member of 'The Secret Garden Collection,' designed to blend seamlessly with our coat Eliza and the Silk Organza Blouse.

Made in Italy Crafted with precision in Italy, renowned for its craftsmanship, The Purple Vest and Skirt Set promises not just style but quality.

Elegance and Efficiency Your go-to ensemble for commanding attention and success.

Artist / Designer

ZEROWASTE by Lola Tong


  • 90% Wool
  • 10% Cashmere


  • Purple


  • XS-XL


  • while this garment itself is not certified, the fabrics used in its production are sourced from Ratti S.P.A., a company that places a high value on sustainability and holds multiple certifications. Please have a look here:

Care Instructions

we recommend taking the set to the dry cleaner (PCE only). You can iron the set but only with lowest temperature. We do NOT recommend washing, bleaching or tumble drying the set.

Production volume


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